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_______________________________________________________________ is a site for bloggers to find other bloggers to collaborate with to create amazing content, find new readers, and get healthy and authentic backlinks to their sites. is a place designed specifically to help blogs grow. Grow a lot. 

  From Links to Blogging Evolution

CollaboBlogging has actually become something much more meaningful than originally intended. As a fellow blogger and website owner, I know as well as anyone how important backlinks are to Google and the success of our blogs. Furthermore, I also know as well as anyone how shady, dubious, and looked-down upon the backlink solutions out there are. Further still, I know how time-consuming and ineffective the white-hate ways of earning links can be, and how unrealistic such tactics are for average bloggers to achieve.

I wanted to solve this problem. I felt that there had to be an honest and simple way for bloggers to get links to their blogs without succumbing to the black-hat tactics of underhanded internet marketers who will leave you permanently penalized by Google for the crap-quality links you bought, or without spending many fruitless hours writing emails that won’t get read or submitting your site to directories for low-value links that won’t bring you traffic when you could and should be using your time and brainpower to enrich your blog with more great writing.

So, CollaboBlogging was originally conceived as a solution for bloggers looking to get some decent backlinks at a reasonable pace that could actually enhance their rankings AND bring them some traffic. I mean, is that really so much to ask?

The solution was simple: Bloggers could simply start collaborating on multi-part blog posts and posting each respective part on their blog, and linking to the other parts of the series. 

If I do say so myself, it really is an elegant solution. Say you work with 3 other bloggers on a 4-part series of posts:

  • You will earn 3 completely genuine links to your blog, good for SEO and actually sending you traffic through them
  • You have just helped create some truly epic, tweetable, and potentially viral content
  • It can’t have taken more time than your average blog post does, thus it can be done frequently 

Talk about a link-building strategy! ;)

This is different than link-sharing because instead of simply placing a link somewhere on your blog and having the other blogger do the same, you actually create a reason for the link to exist (and the reason happens to be some awesome content that multiple people worked on together). And this is better than guest-posting because 1) Guest-posts are pretty darn hard to come by nowadays and 2) other bloggers will be more open to the idea as it involves many links to their blogs as well.

So what did I mean about CollaboBlogging becoming “more meaningful” than originally expected? Well, along with solving a link-building problem, it solves a collaboration problem. 

Giving bloggers a place to connect and collaborate is way more important than simply coming up with a way for bloggers to link to each other for mutual benefit.

The blogging community is filled with creative, hard-working, straight-up awesome people who definitely aren’t collaborating enough. It’s a bit of a phenomenon too, considering the advent of the Interwebz has basically enabled unlimited collaboration on… well, an unlimited scale.

Let’s change that. Let’s be more amazing together than we are as individuals. Let’s learn from each other. Let’s help the art of blogging evolve.

Yea, the backlinks are definitely awesome, and provide some immediate tangible value to the time and effort of collaborating with other bloggers – but that is dwarfed compared to the results of increasing the occurrence of collaboration among many intelligent and creative bloggers, all blending their skills, talents, ideas, and elbow-grease for something greater than any of us could achieve individually.

  You want to take your blog to the next level. Collaborate CollaboBlog your way there.